How to Fix Crystallized Honey Quickly

If you have been keeping your honey in the fridge, you might have seen something like this before,


Crystallized honey


There is nothing wrong with honey that has been crystallized. This process is natural over time especially at lower temperature, which is fastest between 13 and 17 °C.


However, this might pose some problems as crystallized honey doesn’t spread well and isn’t easy to measure if you use it in baking or cooking.


In this post, I will share with you how we can remedy crystallized honey.


Step 1; Pour some water in a shallow pan or pot


Step 2, Place the honey jar in the water and turn on the burner and slowly heat the water to a simmer.


Step 3, Hold the jar with an oven mitt and stir the honey as it warms to dissolve the crystals, it should be easy to stir as the honey warms.


Step 4, Remove the jar from the water once all the crystals dissolves.


Here you go; the honey is back to its liquid form.


If you have other ways of fixing the crystallized honey, do share it with us in the comment area. Thanks.


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